Farmers Market

We love the farmers market! Our favourite thing to do on the weekend this past summer, was to wander over and see what was fresh and delicious that week. Our favourite finds were shishito peppers, big bundles of basil, carrots and their tops, and… tomatoes <3

Weekend in Squamish

I spent the weekend in Squamish visiting friends, eating well, and soaking up the last bit of November sunshine.

Brenda & Rob

Some recent photos from an engagement session with Brenda and Rob. We went up to Whyte Lake trail on a sunny afternoon, and got a little hike in as well while taking photos. We loved the tall trees, all of the green moss and ferns, and the sun trickling through the thick canopy. I will see them again for their cute, farm wedding this summer! 

Lost Photos of Summer

I finally had my last roll of film from Summer and Fall 2017 developed. There are some remnants of hikes, Salt Spring Island, friends and small details. When I was shooting this roll, I was trying to capture details, light and moments. 

LINK October 2017 Cover

Albert Tang, Nemesis Coffee

For the October 2017 issue of LINK Magazine, I shot our Student Spotlight for the cover. Our Student Spotlight was Albert Tang. Albert is an Architecture Student and Entrepreneur (among other things, he's also a great photographer). He owns Nemesis Coffee in Gastown with his business partners. I don't really understand how he works part time and goes to BCIT simultaneously, but somehow he does and excels at it. I can only assume he stopped sleeping. Nemesis Coffee has a cool logo of an upside down heart, and outside the cafe they have a large glowing, neon sign of their logo. We wanted to utilize this for the cover. I met Albert after hoursand we took some photos around Nemesis. I wanted to capture the blue glow of the sign, and showcase the graphically interesting sign.  

Salt Spring Island

I recently visited Salt Spring Island with Ayase Kay. I feel like I have been working in a tornado for the past year, so getting away to a Gulf Island was a welcome escape. As soon as I stepped on the ferry, I felt responsibilities melt off my shoulders. Plus, the added bonus of nearly no cellphone reception was fantastic. On the island, we stayed with Ayase's Dad who is an artist. He is a painter, sculptor and musician. His home was eclectic, with every corner full of art, instruments, books, photos, sentimental knick-knacks and odds-n-ends. I felt inspired and in awe, his home was like the mix of a library meets an art gallery. 

We explored the property, went swimming in Cusheon Lake, had lunch at the farmers market. We danced at Beaverton Hall to electronic DJ's late into the night, barefoot while sipping cans of Yerba Matte. I had a potluck dinner on Aloha Aina Farms the next day, went swimming in Spirit Lake and soaked up a long, pink, summer sunset. I felt time move a bit slower, the sun and gravity made my foot steps a bit heavier. I left for the ferry Monday morning feeling relaxed and happy.