Weekend in Squamish

I spent the weekend in Squamish visiting friends, eating well, and soaking up the last bit of November sunshine.

Lost Photo: May 13th

Happy Friday the 13th. Here is the "Lost Photo" of the day.  I love this photo because it is oh-so-retro. The teal cabinetry, horned rimmed glasses, yellow and pink walls. Fantastic!  

Some family members enjoy a slice of the towering cake.

Lost Photo: May 6

Lost Photo: Found

German Shepherd Puppy and unknown, circa 1950 ish 

I have a large collection of old and interesting photos I have found over the years. Some are family photos, some are from thrift store photo albums or were found on the sidewalk. I started collecting found notes and photos years ago. I probably got interested in this after the rise and popularity of around 2008-ish. I like collecting found photos because of the intimate glimpse I get into someone else's life- their shopping list for eggs and Frosted Flakes, a blurry family photo, or a picture of their dogs. These photos and notes remind me that our lives are all pretty similar and common.
This photo is from my Mom's side of the family, scanned from some old slides that were re-found a few years ago. I don't think they were ever printed. According to legend, my Grandpa Pat always had German Shepherds (and they were all named Duke), so I can only imagine it was his dog. The puppy I'm not sure. 


Nov-29 Inst-piration

I LOVE instagram. I love following a diverse amount of designers, artists, photographers, fashion bloggers, nail artists, businesses, restaurants, food bloggers... list goes on. There is so much amazing photography on Instagram and I love seeing new, fresh and interesting work every single day!! Every fucking day, free inspiration and art just flowin' in my feed. It's awesome. Here is one account I love- they update basically everyday and it's always different and new content. 

Username: ideabooksltd

Rad business based out of London and New York, and they sell art/photography books. Everyday they feature a few pages from the books on instagram. They feature such a diverse and cool collection of work spanning decades, topics and styles. From memory, they have featured office furniture catalogues from the 70's, sculptors, food photography, people, street photography, interior designs... so much good shit. I like how much diversity they post, it keeps your head in the game. If you want to see some cool crap on the daily, highly recommend it.