Branding & Process

When I was planning my visual identity, I wanted to showcase my personality, as well as have a logotype that is functional. It was important to me to design something that was easily transferable through multiple sizes and applications. I decided a rectangular shape to encompass my name would be the best solution for this, as geometric shapes transfer well in most applications and situations. To showcase my personality, I tend to add many illustrated elements to my designs, so I felt that a hand-sketched element was important to my identity. I sketched many iterations before taking the logotype into illustrator where I finished the design. 


In my logotype, I decided to use my full name, Madeline. The way my name divides into "made" and "line" I felt was visually balanced. I also thought the separate words, "made" and "line", reflected design terminology and bring to mind the act of creation.

When creating further branding materials for my website using my logotype, I wanted to reflect different skill sets and creative passions of mine. I love photography, collage and multimedia, so I created an animated collage using pieces of photographs I have taken to showcase this.