Vino Tinto

I designed a conceptual restaurant menu and branding for a restaurant called "Vino Tinto". I was inspired after travelling through Spain, and experiencing all of the wonderful tapas bars, architecture, and learning about their history. My colour palette was chosen by examining photographs I had taken while travelling through Spain, bold colours faded by the hot Mediterranean sun. Typically wine bars are more of an urban and modern experience in Western cities. But in Spain, Tapas bars can be quite a casual affair. Often times you will be at a standing table, and small offerings are brought to you of simple and delicious cheeses, breads, olives, cured meats, seafood and other salty treats. I wanted to bring this casual and approachable aspect to my design by using illustration, and a friendly script typeface. 

Below is a gallery of images from my time travelling through Spain. I was inspired by these images, and extracted colours directly from the photos.